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About Us

Working Together for a Common Goal.

At Union Pipeline, we are far more than just another team, and we are far more than just another pipeline company, we are a family. Our family philosophy has allowed us to build a unity amongst our crew, a unity that serves as the foundation in which our commitment to excellence and unsurpassed quality results are built upon. The core of our company is our employees, they are our most valuable assets and they are the key to our continued success. Union Pipeline is comprised of a team of the industry’s most skilled people, who are dedicated to the success of all our projects. Each and every member of our team are masters of consistency and quality, exceeding the industry standard. ALWAYS DEDICATED, ALWAYS DEVOTED.

Safety is Our Way of Life.

Safety is a continuing journey, not just a final destination. Union Pipeline is not only committed to performing each and every job with high regards to meet our rigorous safety standards, but we go over and beyond to train each and every employee extensively to ensure they meet all safety codes and understand how to respond should an incident compromising the safety of themselves or others occur. Safety is everyone’s job and safety is our number one tool for success. At Union Pipeline, good enough is never good enough. We distinguish ourselves apart by raising the bar on safety expectations, continually looking for innovative ways to improve safety and efficiency throughout production. Our commitment to providing and maintaining an incident and injury free workplace is highly recognized and regarded throughout the industry. We take the necessary steps to be proactive, not just reactive.

Union Pipeline’s Proactive Safety Measures:

  • ALL employees, regardless of job duties are required to undergo safety training
  • ALL employees are given a series of verbal and skills test using Veriforce Operator Qualications System
  • ISNetWorld Safety Grade and Procedures
  • NCMS- National Compliance Management System to ensure everything is up to speed and meets compliance guidelines
  • PICS- New registered program used exclusively by Range Resources
  • Monthly safety meetings to thoroughly review any updates in safety polices and determine key areas of improvement
  • Team members are evaluated/re-trained every 90 days to ensure a fresh prospective on safety regulations
  • Day-to- day measures are taken by safety inspector to continuously reinforce the importance safety has on employees, sites and in the surrounding environment
  • Drug Testing Pre-Employment and randomly throughout an employee’s tenure to safeguard co-workers, worksite, environment, and the Union Pipeline organization as a whole. All drug testing is sent away to a nationally certified lab, overseen by scientist with advanced degrees- leaving no room for inaccuracy